Random Flowers

I had just arrived at work tonight and a lovely random gave me these flowers for no reason. This brightened my day and made me smile through a long Sunday night shift.

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The Quiet Quadrangle

I don’t usually go to uni on Sunday… but when I do, nobody’s around. I spotted a lone ibis eating some grass from the Quadrangle. Premium 🙂 Getting some last day study in the ASB Computer Labs for a mid-sem exam. Three years I have been at UNSW and I found it only last Friday […]

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My Good Friend Caffeine

It’s 12.53pm on Wednesday, week 5. Today is THE day I have been dreading all semester, three exams in one day. :S Luckily, my good friend caffeine is getting me through the day somewhat better than expected. (My first exam was also cancelled because my lecturer is sick, so I’m not sure whether to be […]

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