On the Main Library

Some people may call it a home away from home (when they are ‘studying’ watching movies all night), some people may say: “Main Library? Never heard of the place.” But I see it as the tower of knowledge. Inside its murky depths are hidden treasures that I must catalogue search, memorise the Dewey Decimal Classification, […]

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Library Lawn & Stargate

A gloomy finish to my day. I don’t like the ever-fluctuating Sydney weather. I always start sneezing when the weather suddenly changes 😦 I feel like jumping through that Star Gate O.O Maybe it might transport me to a place where there are chocolates, sunshine, beaches, aqua-blue water, more chocolates. Oh, I may be thinking […]

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The Wilderness of Tasmania

What are you doing this weekend? I am hiking in the wilderness of western tasmania. I do so much when at uni (I am doing a dual degree and I am an ambassador) that I really need to get away during the breaks. Hiking in nature helps clear my head and relieve my stress. If […]

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GoGet Shopping

Going shopping as a Uni student is easy when you can just borrow a car! Our campus has many of these goget sharecars and I use them to do my shopping each week. Until IGA opens, that is 🙂

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At the Royal Easter Show

Going to the Sydney Royal Easter Show was an awesome way to start off the mid-semester break. I went on my favourite ride – the flying chairs (see above), watched the woodchopping (which has been my tradition for every Easter Show), visiting the Showbag Hall (ahem – which has also been my tradition for every […]

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