Jeans for Genes Luncheon

Another fantastic day at my 2nd “Jeans for Genes” Mother’s Day Luncheon. We sold 100’s of raffle tickets (again) and raised a lot of money for the Children’s Medical Research Institute (again) 😀 Helping out at events like these are really enjoyable experiences (last year I saw Maggie Beer, and this year I saw Lisa […]

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A Good Book

One of the best things about living in Sydney is the number of charming shops around town. Who doesn’t like spending a relaxing afternoon discovering new books right?

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The Night Bus

It’s been mega busy this week, 2 major essays and lots of part time work. I am glad to be able to get on the last express bus out of Kensington. Happy weekend everyone!

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Year 10 Info Evening

Setting for Year 10 Information Evening at Scientia Building.

My first information evening went well. Got to meet some eager Year 10 students who had interest in Science at UNSW 😀

It was really great to see the amount of people interested in studying at UNSW and also Science in particular.

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