Science Academy Night

Science Academy Night

I helped out at an on-campus event called “science academy night” this evening. It’s always inspiring to see what established scientists are up to, and the contribution they are making to our society. Universities hold many interesting talks and forums where members of the public are invited to be involved! They are a great way to learn new and unexpected things for life!

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Foundation Day 2013

Two Foundation Day’s volunteering for Arc. Wooh! It felt good to lend a hand running the Day and walking around the Roundhouse seeing the club tables. I managed to obtain Free 12pack of Lucozade, 2xMoochi Froyo, and lots of lollies. Maybe I’ll volunteer again next year, just have to see how it goes.

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SciSoc BBQ

It was a massive turnout at the SciSoc BBQ on Tuesday (30th July). It was my first time being on the organising-side of one of these, and I can say, after a slow start and the barbecue itself turning off periodically without notice (grr!!), I enjoyed helping out on the day and getting the SciSoc […]

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