Coffee & Computers

This is what I plan on seeing for the next two weeks: coffee and computers with lots of things to learn. Ironically, I am currently learning about addiction and compulsive drug seeking. Caffeine is ok, right …?

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SRC Election Time

Judging by the appearance of red and yellow all over campus, it must be SRC elections this week. It makes me happy that there are so many people around who are passionate and excited about making OUR university experience so much better. Did you vote? 🙂

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Science and the Cinema

Do you want to watch movies and gain credit points over summer? SCIF1004: Science and the Cinema is a Level 1 Science course that can count as a Science or Free Elective. Dr Leigh Aldous from the School of the Chemistry is the course convenor and enthusiastically shared some insights of what to expect. What […]

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