Illustration: Dr DNA – The Guardian of the Genome

Dr DNA – The Guardian of the Genome

Submitted by Mahesha Dombagolla

How he got his powers: Don’t be fooled by his awkward smile. This guy is a badass. He was a PhD student at UNSW researching radiation therapy for primary glioblastomas at the Lowy Research centre. He became involved in a highly controversial and secret experiment involving radiation that was being carried out on the basement floor of the Lowy Research building. The experiment went horribly wrong and his body absorbed dangerous levels of radiation. However, Drew did not die. Instead, he was able to control this radiation and direct it at living things to change the genetic make-up of any organism e.g. can stop cancers. He now dedicates his time to defeating his arch nemesis, The Oncogenius and finding a way to destroy him for once and for all. The Oncogenius is an evil mastermind who wants to take control of the earth. He has the power to induce harmful mutations in any living organism.

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