UNSW Library

UNSW Library

Top 4 things you need to know about the Library in your first 4 weeks…

1. Your Student card is your library card

Your student card acts as your library card. It’s your key to borrowing, either in the Help Zone or the self-check machines, and photocopying too. You will also need your zPass to access myLibrary which allows you to check your loans and due dates, renew your loans and make room bookings. Your zPass is how you connect with the Library online from home, work, on campus or wherever you are. As you can tell your zPass is very important – so contact IT if you haven’t got this up and running yet.

2.  Find your text books in the Library

The High Use Collection is where you’ll probably find most of the texts on your reading lists. You can find the High Use Collection at the back of the Help Zone on Level 2. The majority of books in HUC are for two hour loan which helps your fellow students have a shot at reading the material. You will need to search Library Search for the item number.  Not all of your course materials will be in found in HUC so also check Moodle.

3. How to find information for your assignments and essays

While you are studying at university you will be asked to find your information from a whole range of places.  The best place to start is the Library Search. It will save you time and find the things you need for your projects. Whether you are just starting out, or doing advanced research, you will need to find specialised material for your topic. The Library subscribes to a wide variety of subject specific databases.  We’ve listed the main ones in tailored Subject Guides, so you can find the key resources for your assignments and research in one spot. Oh and if you use Google – instead use Google Scholar to help find scholarly content!

4. Where to find help

ELISE is an online tutorial. Think of it as a toolkit that helps you navigate the Library, avoid plagiarism and save time searching. If you are a new undergraduate, you’ll have to complete this by Week 5. Look for the compulsory quiz link in Moodle. If you need help with this, or any of our other services, come and visit us in one of our Help Zones or Ask Us online.

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