Handy Hints from the SSC

UNSW Science Student Centre
Chances are you will need to contact somebody at UNSW for help, advice or assistance at some point during your time here. In addition to the services provided by UNSW Student Central, you can contact either the Science Student Centre (SSC) or your Science School Office for the following:

Science Student Centre (SSC)

Enrolment (Academic Advice)

Program Information and Rules

Declaring Your Major

Program or Enrolment Variation

Graduation Check/Confirmation

Timetable Clash Approval

Academic Standing

Internal Program Transfer

Program Variation

School Offices

Enrolment (Majors, Specialist Programs, Specific Courses)

Academic Advice

Review of Results

Course Timetables

Contacting Academics/Lecturers

Course Outlines

Very important dates

The following dates are essential to have in your diary:

Sunday, March 9 Last day to change your enrolment via myUNSW.
Monday, March 31 CENSUS DATE. Last day to discontinue (drop) a course without financial penalty.
Sunday, April 20 Last day to discontinue (drop) a course without academic penalty (still financially liable).

Essential Websites

First year assistance for Maths, Chemistry and Physics

If you need help with first year maths, chemistry or physics, the first year course sections of the school websites is probably a good start. If you can’t find the info there, get in touch with the relevant school office or First Year Coordinator:

Don’t forget…

1. Always use your UNSW student email account to communicate with us

2. If you’re lost, struggling, or have no idea where to start, come to the Science Student Centre and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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