School information for first year textbook lists

Jocelyn Wong - Anna at UNSW
Jocelyn Wong – Anna at UNSW

Textbooks, readers and reading material lists for each school (Chemistry, Physics, Maths & Statistics, BABS, Biology, Psychology, Aviation and Optometry & Vision Sciences) can be found below. For a general guide on getting materials, please read Textlists, textbooks and course notes


Texts from the bookstore include:

  • Recommended textbook (varies based on each course).
  • Aylward, G.H. and Findlay, T.J.V.,  SI Chemical Data, (6th ed.), Wiley, 2008 (or later).
  • Study Kit (tutorial notes, lab manual, etc)

Some of our Chemistry Textbook materials and related resources will also be available online.


1. Students can locate their required textbooks on first year physics website:

2. Note: NEW text book for the courses PHYS1121 Physics 1A, PHYS1131 Higher Physics 1A and PHYS1141 Higher Physics 1A (Special) in Semesters 1 and 2, 2014:

Fundamentals of Physics (Extended) 10th Edition, Halliday, Resnick & Walker, Pub. Wiley, ISBN: 9781118730232

Wiley website link to purchase any version of the textbook:

Mathematics and Statistics

The Course Packs are available in the bookshop. We would also like to encourage students to fully use the library or second hand bookshop/exchange.


Students will be advised in their manuals and also in the first lecture and on moodle about how to access  the online textbook.

The course manual can be purchased from the UNSW  bookstore.

The manual is compulsory to buy and the text book is useful, but not necessary if you can’t afford to buy it. There are copies in the library and second hand versions are fine too.


BIOS1301: Ecology, sustainability and environmental science

No textbook is specified for this class but there is a list of suggestions of textbooks that will be held in the library open reserve for use throughout the semester by students:

  • Attiwill, P. & Wilson, B. (2003). Ecology: an Australian perspective. Oxford University Press, Melbourne.
  • Augee, M.L. & Fox, M. (1999). Biology of Australia and New Zealand. Benjamin Cummings, Redwood City (a supplement to Campbell et al.)
  • Botkin, D.B. & Keller, E.A. (2011). Environmental Science: Earth as a Living Planet (8th Edition). John Wiley and Sons.
  • Campbell, N. A. & Reece, J. A. (2011). Biology, 9th Edition. Benjamin/Cummings, San Francisco
  • Keith, D. (2004). Ocean shores to desert dunes. The native vegetation of NSW and the ACT. NSW Department of Environment and Conservation, Sydney.


The PSYC1001 textbook is prescribed for all students and available from the bookshop.  There is also a pack sold at the bookshop which includes the textbook plus study guides on how to write research reports and essays for Psychology.  The pack is useful for Psychology Majors.


Most Aviation courses do not have textbooks.  Therefore, we recommend students to get the list from their lecturers in week 1 (if applicable).  The prescribed and recommended texts are available for purchase at the UNSW Bookshop.

Optometry and Vision Sciences

The following is the text list for VISN1111:
Prescribed Textbook:
Tunnacliffe AH and Hirst JG, Optics, Published by the Association of  British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO), (Reprinted 2003)
Additional Reading: 
Freeman MH,  Optics  10th  Edition.  Butterworths (London) 1990 or 11th Edition (2003).
These books are available at the UNSW bookshop and in the Library.

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