Cool stuff #4- floral art

Showcasing a range of beautiful floral artworks.

Fong Qi Wei has disassembled flowers into parts and rearranged them.

Flowers are indeed one of the most beautiful and complex structures found in nature, specifically designed to achieve the purpose of reproduction…what is interesting to me is how much more expanded some flowers can get when they are disassembled – the relative surface area to size of a rose is so much greater compared to a larger flower like the sunflower

hydrangea (Exploded flowers- Fong Qi Wei)
gerbera (Exploded flowers- Fong Qi Wei)
sunflower (Exploded flowers- Fong Qi Wei)
Gerbera (Exploded flowers- Fong Qi Wei)
Gerbera, Hydrangea. 2013 (Flamingo with Open Wings- Fong Qi Wei).
Gloriosa, Aster, Hydrangea, Cotton, Chrysanthemum, 2012- Fong Qi Wei

Eye Heart Spleen is “A photography collection displaying human organs made from foraged plants.”

Heart- Camila Carlow
Lungs- Camila Carlow
Intestines- Camila Carlow
Kidneys- Camila Carlow

Red Hong Yi uses flower petals to create stunning images.

flamingos made from pink gerberas and twigs- Red Hong Yi
eagle made of white, maroon and yellow chrysanthemums- Red Hong yi
peacock made from butterfly pea flowers, bottlebrush leaves, coconut leaf sticks, alamandas / trumpet flowers- Red Hong Yi
dodo made from white, pink and orange chrysanthemum flowers- Red Hong Yi

Kathy Klein creates circular arrangements of objects found in nature, called danmalas

danmala 541- Kathy Klein
danmala 553- Kathy Klein
danmala 39- Kathy Klein

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