cool stuff #6 – paper sculptures


Diana Beltran Herrera is a designer and artist who creates bird sculptures out of paper.

disecciones- Diana Beltran Herrera
Turpial – Diana Beltran Herrera
Kingfisher- Diana Beltran Herrera
IMG_6167- Diana Beltran Herrera
Diana Beltran Herrera- Greater bird of paradise

Rogan Brown makes detailed sculptures inspired by nature.

My work is an exploration and re-presentation of natural organic forms both mineral and vegetal. I look for patterns and repeated motifs that run through natural phenomena at different scales, from the microscopic to the macroscopic, from individual cells to large scale geological formations.

outbreak- Rogan Brown
Cut pod- Rogan Brown
small kernel- Rogan Brown

Whimsical paper animals by Guarda Bosques :

Tasmanian devil- guarda bosques
tiger- guardabosques
cassowary- guarda bosques
blue jay- guarda bosques
fox- guarda bosques

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