Illustration: Some entries from the Communicate Science Competition

The illustrations below are from the ‘instant draw and win’ activity held at the recent pop-up Wavelength stall.  The team has deemed them good enough to be published on the blog and entered into the Communicate Science Competition.  There is still time to enter to win a mega prize bag valued at over $200.00.  Find out more…

The Wavelength team will giving away plenty more instant prizes.  Look for us outside the library on Thursday 18th September between 11 and 3pm. Meanwhile, congratulations to the following:

Alexandria MACKENZIE - z3461338 - 3930Alexandria MacKenzie

Andrisa SANTOSO-5030659-4809

Andrisa Santoso

Vivien VUONG-3416444-3432

Vivien Vuong

MILLIE - Ming-Lan HUANG-3417288-3040

Millie Huang

Antonia MCHUGH-3461773-3970

Antonia Mchugh

VIC Wei LI-3427139 - 8539

Vic Wei Li

Bruno DAMPNEY - 3218820 - 1750Bruno Dampney

Amy CAO-3465203-3435Amy Cao

Thilina DE SILVA 5015574-3048

Thilina De Silva

Rina SUN-5014747-3625Rina Sun

Jackson Bleechmrne - 3416011-3640

Jackson Bleechmore

Duan MARUDA-3465755-3970

Duan Maruda

Rong GAO-3418388-3522

Rong Gao

Meena SILVAGOWRE-3462031-3972

Meena Silvagowre

Kitiphume THAMMASIRAHOP- 3417016 - 3991Kitiphume Thammasiraphop

Rao MENG-5030363- 6021 exchange

Rao Meng


5 thoughts on “Illustration: Some entries from the Communicate Science Competition

  1. Hey I just realised that my picture was published on this blog. How will we be contacted if we go well in the Communicate Science Competition?

  2. Hi there, The student Wavelength editors decided that we should run a competition to both raise the profile of Wavelength and to also create content for the blog. We are going to be posting more entries over the next few weeks!

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