Alumni Profile: Adam Poole, Clinical Research Associate

Adam Poole graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Pharmacology. Currently working as an in-house Clinical Research Associate for PRA Heath Science, Adam’s day to day involves looking after two clinical trials and the project management involved with these.

Here’s what Adam had to say when UNSW Science interviewed him earlier this year:

What do you most like about your job?

I love my job. I love it for a few reasons. I’ve always loved science ever since High School, and I really like the project management side of it; you have an end goal and tasks to get to that end goal. You can utilise the knowledge you get at University along the way.  It’s very business orientated, so there are KPI’s and I find that motivating.

What aspects from your degree help you in your day to day role?

I chose some interesting subjects when I was at UNSW, particularly for Gen Eds. I did a lot of management courses and that definitely helps. In Pharmacology we had projects along the way, working with teams or in teams on some of the projects. Having that experience helped a lot; it helps to work with people. Any exposure to projects or dealing with people, or time management is always beneficial experience.

What path lead you to studying Pharmacology?

I declared my major in chemistry as that was my biggest interest at the time, but then by chance I started working in a pharmacy and I realised how much I loved it. I was interested in the drugs and how they work, and then I became interested in the clinical side. It was a retail pharmacy, but I was quite interested in  finding solutions to health problems and just helping people in general – that was the turning point – and then I realised I could major in Pharmacology.

Did you have any stand out Lecturers?

In Chemistry Dr Gavin Edwards; he was bubbly and charismatic and I think he really draws the light to science.

I also really liked Dr Angela Finch; she has a big part in the pharmacology department and is so enthusiastic about what she does and her research and so was Dr Nicole Jones as well. Both were very lovely ladies and influential.

Best memories from your time at UNSW?

I made some really good friends at UNSW. I took time off half way through my degree and moved from my original cohort. After my break I had to find a new group of friends and also because I changed majors all my ex-Chemistry friends were on their way to finishing. It was quite good to mix with a different crowd. So the people I met for sure.


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