AUTHOR PROFILE: Rachel (Jun Ha) Ryu

Hello, my dearest readers! My name is Rachel Ryu (Korean name being Jun Ha – so you can also call me Jun), and I am a newly transferred first year student in B Psychology (Hons). After a year in B Engineering/Commerce, I made the difficult decision of changing my degree to try something I was always excited about: the human mind. With an avid interest in watching people, a passion for reading and writing, I am beyond eager to start learning about this fascinating subject.

Apparently, it’s unsightly to be excited about learning in this millennium but who cares!

To make myself seem less like an AI created by Wavelength, I will now albeit hesitantly introduce myself. Simply put, I am a narcissistic artist, specialising in portraiture and expressionism. I always used to use art as a means of catharsis whenever I went through rough times. My interest from psychology was always stemmed from my own use of art as an outlet – why do people have different ways of expressing themselves? Why do people try to find a way to expel their emotions? Questions were whirring away in my mind before I realised that this was probably the path that I wanted to take.

One such painting I created when I was feeling uncertain on the choices I should make for my tertiary studies.

I am yet uncertain of what I would like to do in the distant future, and to remedy that somewhat, I decided to join in a volunteering opportunity known as Career Leaders Program. It involves marketing from UNSW Careers and Employment, which is a free university service that provides students of any year and degree with job-preparation skills. They also hold Career Expos for students to interact with a range of employers, so I thought it’ll be a good chance for me to look around at the different employers I could potentially work with once I graduate.

A creative meme by one of the volunteers about Careers and Employment!

There were shifts we had to take during O-Week, and it involved getting out there and promoting the services of Careers and Employment and explaining to students how it could help them in their careers. Although I am yet to meet employers and certainly yet to find out my goals for the future, during the short timeframe of my O-Week shifts, I ended up meeting some great friends, rediscovering my passions of interacting with other people, and becoming more of my own self.

Whether it is volunteering or looking around the stalls, O-Weeks in UNSW are always unique, and in introducing yourself to an exciting university life, O-Week is probably the best time to try things out.

As your Wavelength blogger, my aim is to write inquisitive, informative, and, at times, relaxing blogs. I hope to inspire you all to consider the uniqueness of human beings and see this interesting world that I have always been fascinated about: that every single person is amazing in their own right, and how our minds are entirely similar yet entirely different from one another.

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