Foundation Day 2013

Two Foundation Day’s volunteering for Arc. Wooh! It felt good to lend a hand running the Day and walking around the Roundhouse seeing the club tables. I managed to obtain Free 12pack of Lucozade, 2xMoochi Froyo, and lots of lollies. Maybe I’ll volunteer again next year, just have to see how it goes.

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SciSoc BBQ

It was a massive turnout at the SciSoc BBQ on Tuesday (30th July). It was my first time being on the organising-side of one of these, and I can say, after a slow start and the barbecue itself turning off periodically without notice (grr!!), I enjoyed helping out on the day and getting the SciSoc […]

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Free BBQ!

Free Sausage Sizzle hosted by the new UNSW Science Society! Of course I am going to be there 😀 Not only that, but an AGM at the same time, where I was elected to be Vice-President of the society, hooray! I look forward to working with the society and Faculty of Science to promote Science […]

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Careers Expo

Being at the Sydney Morning Herald HSC & Careers Expo on Sunday 2nd June, took me back to 2009 when I was in the same position as a high school student… wondering… what degree should I pursue?

Suffice to say, parents had no influence on my choice of degree. That was not so much the case for some of the kids I talked to at the Expo O.o

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Jeans for Genes Luncheon

Another fantastic day at my 2nd “Jeans for Genes” Mother’s Day Luncheon. We sold 100’s of raffle tickets (again) and raised a lot of money for the Children’s Medical Research Institute (again) 😀 Helping out at events like these are really enjoyable experiences (last year I saw Maggie Beer, and this year I saw Lisa […]

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