The Blindness of Daredevil: An Advantage or Disability?

Superheroes are an intriguing concept. These individuals, having been blessed with a certain power, or skill set, devote their lives to using their advantages for good. However, what would happen if, instead of having additional abilities that transcend the limits of human capability, they actually lack some? This is the premise for the story of Daredevil, a blind […]

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A Real Aussie Family Experience

International postgraduate student Uttam Kumar shared his amazing story of an Aussie experience, and Wavelength loved it so much that we awarded him first prize for ‘Student Experience Story’ in the recent Communicate Science Competition… If you are an international student and want to have a real Aussie Experience while you live here, then make […]

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The Soot that Saves the Soil

I’m at the National Biohchar Workshop in a crowded conference room in Sydney. A meeting of minds, though not necessarily of the same mind, is taking place. Many address the topic of discussion with what can only be described as a touch of scientific fervour. They are not discussing nanoparticles (per-se), fusion, the cosmos or […]

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