Communicate Science Competition

Our Wavelength Student Blog Editorial Team have come up with a competition that will have you all winning! Amazing prize bags plus 100’s of  instant prizes to be won! CREATE – PRODUCE – INFORM – ENTER – BE PUBLISHED – AND WIN!!! Plus join the Wavelength team and get  AHEGS co – curricular approval recognised […]

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Your Science at UNSW

Come with us on a whirl wind tour of UNSW Science Schools and Societies. Discover the school offices and meet the people who are here to help and guide you. Find out where your labs are and gain handy hints that will pave your way to success at Uni. Do you want to know where you can lounge and microwave away your time at UNSW? Wondering about lockers? Need help with your assignment? Do you want hear about employment and research opportunities for science grads? And most importantly, do you want to join a network of like-minded friends you can relax and have fun with? The Science Societies share the benefits of belonging to a society and give extra tips on how to survive and thrive at UNSW.

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